Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time To Exercise--Your Writing That Is

Weight Lifting 3 Clip Art

We read all the time about the importance of exercise for both our bodies and our minds. Using our muscles and our brains keep us fit. We need to do writing exercises, too, if we want to keep our writing  up to par and maybe beyond.

So, today I have a new exercise for you. Pump a little iron in a different way.

Write details for the images these phrases bring to mind. Perhaps your efforts will trigger an idea for a story. Make the details sensory. Let us see, hear, smell, taste and feel the touch of some of these items.

1.  Laundry in a wicker basket

2.  an open back door

3.  a broken cup

4.  six ducklings

5.  grandmother's silver locket

6.  twelve cars in the parking lot

7.  a dandelion

8.  jitterbug music

9.  a sink of soapy water

10. an international airport

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