Friday, May 11, 2012

Proxy Parents

This is Graduation Day for those receiving Master's Degrees at Kansas State University. We'll be attending since the exchange student we have been a host family to this year will receive her Master's in Music. Janka is a classical pianist from Slovakia. 

She decided on having an adventure with her education when she finished high school. Her sister had gone to England for her college education  but Janka opted for the USA. She spent four years in Natchitoches, LA where she earned her undergrad degree at a state university. Then, it was off to K-State where she has studied hard for two years. She practices the piano many, many hours every week, plays the organ at a local church on Sundays, and gives private lessons to young piano students. Throw in a lot of classwork, and she has been a busy young woman. Even so, she finds time to come to our home for dinner now and then.

We've enjoyed getting to know her and were privileged to attend her recital a few weeks ago. She performed one hour of memorized classical music. I marveled at the grace and ease with which she performed. It's no wonder that she was accepted into the doctoral program at three American universities. She has decided to take the University of Nebraska offer, so she'll be there for the next three years.

Her parents were planning to make the long trip from Slovakia to Manhattan, KS to attend the graduation, but unforeseen circumstances caused them to cancel. It was such a disappointment to this hardworking young woman, but Ken and I will be there for her, sort of proxies for her parents. I know I'll get a little emotional as she walks across a stage to receive that all-important piece of paper. We'll take many pictures after the ceremony and she'll send them to her family far away. Then tonight, we will take her out for a celebration dinner with one of her close friends joining us. 

It's a sunny, mild day--perfect for graduation, but then, isn't any day perfect for graduation?

How about your graduation? What memories do you have? Now's the time to write about any or all the graduations you experienced. Write the stories and put them in the family memories book you're keeping. You are keeping one, aren't you? if not, there's no time like the present to begin. I have a couple graduation stories to write for my memory book. Maybe tomorrow since today is gong to be a busy one.

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  1. It's wonderful that you can be there for her! Very special.