Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Picture Prompt Writing Exercise

Foliage surrounding door photo

Take a good look at the picture above and use it today for a writing prompt. Don't only glance at the picture and start writing. Study the door, the wall, the foilage, the walk and then, ask yourself a few questions that might help form a story.

1. What country does the picture bring to mind?
2.  Who might be on the other side?
3.  Who is going to walk up to the door and knock?
4.  Who is going to open the door and walk in?
5.  What sounds do you hear as you approach the door?
6.  Is it morning or afternoon?
7.  Why should someone fear knocking on the door?
8.  Why would someone be eager to knock on the door?
9...What time of year is it?

Here's one more picture prompt:

1.  Why is this man alone?
2.  Is he waiting for someone?
3.  What song is he playing?
4.  Where is he?
5.  What kind of hair is under his hat?
6.  Is he a good person or evil?
7.  Does he have a happy nature or sad?

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