Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Four Messages

One of the nice parts of being a writer is receiving good news when you least expect it. Yesterday, I was gone until around 4 in the afternoon. After I got home, I sat down to check email. As I scanned the lengthy list, the name of an editor caught my eye, so I clicked on his messages first. Four of them, in fact. 

He sent a message of regret about a story I'd sent six weeks ago. Had a momentary sense of defeat but then moved on to the next message.  That second one was to tell me he loved a story I'd sent and wants to publish it on his ezine for children. The third was same message for another story. Both of the ones he is taking are historical fiction for kids. I think it's a painless way for children to learn history and they're fun to write.  Every time I sell a story, I am thrilled. I'm reminded of my obstetrician who once told me that every baby he delivered was as exciting to him as the very first one. He had a passion for his part in bringing new life into the world, and I think I have a passion for birthing words strung together to create stories. 

The fourth message from the editor was concerning a project we've been discussing. He requested more of it to look at. A good sign but certainly not a "Yes, I want this." So I sent him more of this project and now must wait to hear his thoughts. If receiving good news about a submission is the good part of a writer's life, the waiting to hear is one of the not so hot parts. But wait we must! 

The acceptances overshadow the rejections, and well they should. Far better to enjoy the positives in life than dwell on the negative aspects. Lest you think I am advocating being joyful when you get a rejection, I most certainly am not. A writer has a right to vent a bit of anger, frustration or hurt when the word No looms over her work. Rant awhile, then move on. 

Some months I get several rejections, so I'm not always dong the happy dance like the black cat above, but I sure am ready to do it when a story is on its way to being published. 


  1. Good advice. Congratulations on getting your work published. That's no easy feat!

  2. Congrats. I did a post on the Art of Rejection today, so this was a timely read for me. Glad your good news overshadowed the disappointing news. So loving your blog!