Friday, April 27, 2012

Where Do You Read and On What Kind of Day?

It's a kind of gray April day here in the heart of the Flint Hills of Kansas. The sun has taken the day off, and a strong breeze keeps rustling the leaves on the trees around our house. 65 degrees so not cold, but it's the kind of day that I like to curl up with a good book. Weather often plays a part in increasing our desire to read a book--at least for those people who are part of the group we call Readers--the ones who have a passion for the printed word.
What kind of day do you choose for a favorite reading time? Is it when a big thunderstorm hits?  Do you like curling up in your favorite chair with a good story to read when thunder booms and lightning cracks? Or is your best time for reading while a snowstorm howls outside your windows? When you have a fire crackling in your fireplace, does it call you sit nearby with a book?
And where do you like to read? The woman and man above have selected their special spots. The guy is definitely a multi-tasker, and the girl is also taking care of two things at a time. Do you have a special place in your house that you go to when you are ready for a reading session? Maybe it's a favorite chair or perhaps you like to lie down on the sofa, book in hand. 
I have a favorite leather chair in our living room where I read. I've tried the bathtub scene a time or two, but the water cools off and I'm still reading. Not such a good idea. And on a rare occasion that I go to a laundromat, I've always had a book or magazine to read while the clothes whirl madly in the machine with too much soapsuds because I always seem to put too much in! 
I also like to read in the car when Ken is driving. I bring the newspaper and/or a a novel or two with me when we take a long distance trip. On nice spring or fall days, I take a cup of coffee or tea and a book to the patio and enjoy some reading time there where I can enjoy the greenery, the birdsong, and the sky. I always read in airports while waiting to board a flight.
It doesn't really matter where we read or when. The big thing here is to keep on reading those novels, non-fiction books, magazines, and newspapers. Turn off the TV and immerse yourself in words someone has written for your knowledge and entertainment. 

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