Friday, April 6, 2012

Sometimes Life Steps In

Sometimes life steps in and pushes our writing time into a corner where it has to sit quietly and wait for us to return. 

Holidays bring more tasks than usual for a lot of people. If the family is coming for dinner or to spend the holiday week-end, there is grocery shopping to be done, the house to clean and cooking for the big day. This year Passover and Easter week-end coincide so many homes across our nation will be preparing special foods for these celebrations. 

All those goodies take time to prepare. If you're lucky, some of your guests might bring a dish or two. If not, you're the one mixing up this and that. For me, it's going to be baked ham, a favorite potato casserole, fresh asparagus and Hollandaise sauce, Seafoam Salad, rolls, and a new cake recipe for dessert. It's a white cake that has holes poked into it, lime jello trickled into the holes, then a topping of cream cheese, lime jello, and whipped topping. Tasted it at a meeting a couple weeks ago and requested the recipe pretty quickly. It was a St. Pat's Day cake but works great for any springtime  dessert need. Check the links for the recipes.

Today, I have to get the groceries to make all the items on my menu and tomorrow I need to clean the house and do a little prep in the kitchen. Which means the story that is swirling in my head is going to have to wait until at least Monday before it gets down in print. To be perfectly honest, that frustrates me, but the story isn't going to disappear. It's stored away in a corner of my brain where I can pull it out when needed. I can also jot down a few notes today which might help. 

If you're a writer who also has other responsibilities (and who doesn't?), there are going to be times when you do have to set the writing aside for a short time and take care of other parts of life. That's perfectly OK. All you need to do  is be sure you get back to writing when things return to normal again. Meanwhile, enjoy your holiday celebrations or the short vacation or major home project you;re dealing with. Whatever it is, you know that your writing project can be pulled back whenever you're ready. 

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