Friday, March 30, 2012

More Calls For Chicken Soup Stories

It kind of amazes me that Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers keep coming up with new book ideas. It also makes me happy because it means more markets for my stories. My latest Chicken Soup story is in the book I'm holding in the picture above. The book title is Find Your Happiness and my story is The Girls On The Bus.

The following list will show you the titles in the works right now. You can go to their website page to read about each one in more detail and also check the submission deadline dates. Note that the New Friends book has a deadline of March 31st (tomorrow!)

1.  Angel Encounters

2.  Great Advice for Making Changes In Your Life

3.  Independent Woman

4. Inspiration for Writers

5. Parenthood

6.  New Friends

7.  The Power of Positive

This list gives you seven opportunities to sell your stories. There is no limit as to the number of submissions a write may send. If you have five stories about Parenthood, send them all. Think about what unusual angle you might come up with for your story. The editors and reading panels go through thousands of submissions. You need to make your story something that will catch their attention.

Good Luck to all of us who will send stories for one or more of these books. I've already sent one. Now, I need to work on something for a few of the other titles.

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