Friday, March 23, 2012

Kindle for Kids?


I've been one of those naysayers when it comes to a Kindle or Nook reader. Give me a book to hold in my hands, please. I had no interest at all when they first hit the market, nor for quite a long time after. But as time has gone on and ebooks have soared in popularity, I'm beginning to change my tune. Note that I said beginning. I can see the benefit in taking an electronic reader on a trip. It would be a whole lot easier than lugging my book bag on vacation. The blacktote that has a metal tag identifying it as Book Bag is usually packed as full as possible with books and magazines. 

I absolutely cannot go on vacation without reading material. We occasionally go overseas and then I have to put my reading material in my luggage. One book in the carry-on and the rest in the checked bag. A Kindle would certainly help me out on those trips. You see, I'm starting to mellow a bit on this.

Last week, my daughter told me that my 8 year old granddaughter had a lot of money saved up. She asked her Dad to take her to Target. She came home with a Kindle! I think it surprised her mother as much as it did me. Somehow, in all the reading I've done about the readers and discussions with friends, it had never occurred to me that a child would want one. Might be an age thing!  Jordan's in the Electronic Generation. It's what she's known from infant electronic musical toy up to the Kindle.

It makes perfect sense to me now. Jordan loves books. She reads every night before time to turn out the light and go to sleep. A positive habit to develop. She's in second grade but reads above her grade level. She's reasonably responsible so why shouldn't she have a Kindle? 

I'm quite certain her parents had the talk about the restrictions she'll have on ordering books only with their permission and about taking care of it, putting it away when not using it, not taking it to other kids' houses and leaving it there. 

I think Jordan will have to give her grandma lessons in how to use the Kindle. I'm sure she'll be most happy to oblige. Who knows? My beloved Book Bag may be retired sometime soon. Nah! Even if I break down and buy an electronic reader, I'll still read real books--the kind I can hold lovingly in my hands and turn the pages.

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