Friday, February 3, 2012

Writing Prompt #5

This is the final writing prompt in the week-long series. We've looked at a picture to spur writing ideas, worked on characterization, written  about a situation and worked with colors. Today, the exercise involves verbs. 

We're going to look at action verbs. Forget those passive ones like is, was, and are. We know that active verbs create more interest and visual images. 

Look at the list of action verbs below and freewrite a paragraph or two for each one. What comes to mind for each one? Maybe something from your past will pop up. Or perhaps a limerick or poem. Maybe you'll start a story or essay with ideas spurred by the verbs in the list.  Do one each day or several--your choice. You can use present tense or past.

Action Verbs

1.  ski

2.  vault

3.  embrace

4.  slam

5.  shoot

6.  pray

7.  write

8,  cook

9.  run

10.  hit    

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