Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Writing Prompt #3

The poster on today's blog has nothing to do with the writing exercise I am posting. It made me smile so thought I'd share it with our readers. 

On to today's exercise. Yesterday, you worked on describing characters. Today, I'm going to ask you to select a situation from the list below. Write a paragraph, an essay, or a full story, whatever comes to mind. Freewrite. Get it down as it comes to mind. You can go back later to edit and revise. 

You can make these fiction, creative non-fiction, even poetry. Free reign.

I hope you'll keep these lists so that you can continue doing the exercises from this week's postings.


1.  an old woman working in a bakery (Had to work in the poster picture somehow!)

2.  a young boy walking along a railroad track

3.  a sailor walking up the gangplank of a destroyer

4.  a politician preparing for a debate

5.  a man sitting next to a woman in a hospital bed

6.  a man carrying skis over his shoulder on a snowy mountain

7.  a woman blowing up balloons for a birthday party

8.  a young man accepting his degree at a graduation ceremony

9.  a fireman running to a fire truck

10.  a bride walking down the aisle at her wedding

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