Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So, What's A Good Book?

A facebook friend posted the poster/quote above. I read it and smiled, and then I read it a couple more times. I could not help but think that Elizabeth Barrett Browning was a wise woman. She lived in a time when books were higher on the list of things to occupy our leisure time than they are today. Simply because we have far too many other things calling to us--television, movies, DVDs, ipads, computers, and more. But she knew the love of God and the joy of a good book.

Can you make a list of your ten favorite books you've read in your lifetime? You obviously consider each one a good book. If not, you'd never have included it on your list. A writer friend, and faithful reader of this blog, posed a question on facebook recently. She asked what was a favorite book read in 2011. I could not list just one as I found several that came to mind when thinking back over my list of books read last year. 

Note that Ms Browning says good books. I fear there are more books that don't qualify for that category than we can count. Then again, what may be a good book to one person might classify as fodder for a trash can to someone else. I'd like to think that she meant books that are well-written, engage the reader, and are hard to put down. I hope she meant books that linger in our memory for a very long time. 

A good book might be one that warms your heart. Or it could be one that makes you cry or even laugh until you cry. A good book should bring emotion of some kind tothe reader. 

A good book is one that you want to read again someday. I consider a book good if I hate to see the end but want it to continue on. A good book can be one that makes you grow in some way--whether it's knowledge or perception. A good book is satisfying.

In summary, a good book is:
1. well-written
2. engaging
3. hold your interest
4.  one that brings out emotions
5. memorable
6. one that helps you grow as a person
7. satisgying

What good books would you recommend to our readers? 

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