Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Making Changes In Your Writing World

The quote above is so clear I hardly need to make any comments to go with it. But maybe just a few. I've been know as one who loves to talk since 'mama' first came from my mouth. 

As self-explanatory as the poster quote is, you might need to do a little pondering over what changes you would like to make in your writing life. What are you doing now that isn't particularly satisfying to you? And next, what can you do to begin changing it? 

Take submissions, for example.  Look back over your 2011 submission list. (please say you do have such a list) and count the total submissions. Would you like to make it a higher number for 2012? How about the consistency of submissions? Did you start out with a bang in January and February and then slowly taper off? Were there months in which you never sent anything out? 

How about the number of brand new stories you sent out versus old ones that you hope to sell as a reprint? Equal? Or heavier on one side? If so, which side? What can you do to change it? 

Assessing your submissions list is fine. Deciding what you can do to change it is even better. But don't stop there. It's time for action. Unless you act to make real changes, you'll not see a difference.

Isn't it sad? Darned near everything that will enrich our writing life and bring us more publishing succesess boils down to a single element. You! No passing the blame onto somebody else, even though we may try to do so once in awhile.

Take a walk through your writing world soon, then create a list of changes you'd like to make. 


  1. Sadly, my submission list for 2011 wasn't very long. I'm hoping to improve this year.

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