Thursday, January 12, 2012

Your Writing Library

Do you have a writing library? A shelf reserved for books that highlight the craft of writing and the tools needed? Or do you just wing it and ignore the advice of published authors and poets? I wish mine were as full as the one in the picture above.

When I started delving into the writing world, I was such a novice that I knew I could only benefit from reading books about writing. I haunted the library shelves looking for the newest publication dates which I hoped would give the most up-to-date thinking. I purchased books about writing that I happened across in bookstores and, later, that I found on in their Book department.

I found some that I'd recommend to other writers and several that I felt were a waste of my time and money. But what appeals to me may not to you. That's an individual choice. Depends on what you already know and what you're looking for. If you haven't started a writing library, don't wait any longer.
It's not necessary to go our and purchase a dozen books. Add them one at a time. Your one shelf will grow to two or three before you know it. But don't just buy the books because you liked the cover or the author's name. Buy them and read them. And then read them again from time to time. You find things on the second and third read that you never noticed the first time around, or maybe the new things you found are just more pertinent to your writing life at the time. 

Today, I had the pleasure of adding three new books to my personal writing library, thanks to an Amazon gift card I received for Christmas. It was hard to select since there are so many titles to choose from. I read the summary of each title that drew my attention and the personal reader reviews, which narrowed the selection.  I chose one on poetry because I like to write poetry but have never had any formal training. I'm hoping I can get some good tips from the book. Another was to help me write more descriptively, and the third one is about unleashing the writer within. Maybe it's psychiatry for writers! 

Earlier this week, I looked through my writing library, and I weeded out the very old ones and those that I knew I'd never go back and read again. But while doing that, I found a few that I would like to read again. 

Check out your writing library soon, and if your don't  have one, get started now. 

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