Monday, December 26, 2011

Take A Small Bit of Imagination And....

One of my facebook friends posted the terrific quote and picture above. The picture drew me in and the quote grabbed me. Albert Einstein, mostly connected with math, hit a gem for writers. 

Think of it! Logic is for math scholars but imagination leads to the creativity that writers possess. Take a small bit of imagination and it can lead down many paths. The writer doesn't say 10 plus 10 equals twenty. The writer says, what if I put 10 boys and 10 girls into the bottom of a canyon filled with wild horses? What if there were 10 puppies sent out to 10 different homes with the stipulation that the new owners keep a journal on each pup's life for one year. What if 10 little girls from Afghanistan were sentenced 10 lashes as punishment for going to school? 

On and on you can go. The possibilities are endless. Ask yourself what if for many different subjects and see what you come up with. Use some of that imagination and be creative. Before you know it, you're on to a brand new story.

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