Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Tad More On Grammar

A Yesterday's post on grammar drew several comments on facebook and one here, as well. Clearly, it's one of those boring subjects that still holds interest for some people. One of my facebook friends sent me a link to a really good chart of misspelled words They list more than the ones I wrote about yesterday. It would be a good one to put in your To Keep file.

There are so many facets to grammar. We could explore them for days and days--dangling participles, active and passive verbs, subjects and predicates, adjectives and adverbs. Then, there is the entire world of punctuation. That, alone, might be material for an entire week of posting.

But, day after day of grammar might definitely become tedious. You'd feel like you were back in school again, worrying more about a new zit than what words are prepositions.

Think back to the various English teachers you had. Which one made learning proper grammar the most painless? Which ones made it sheet torture? Which ones didn't teach you much at all? This might be good information to put in your memory book.

I have to say that, in high school, I learned more about English grammar in my three years of French classes. Sounds weird, I know, but it's true. I had two different teachers in those three years of French, but both of them opened a window onto grammar in both languages.


  1. A sign I saw in a welfare office: "Please do not sit your children on the counter."

    I've struggled with affect and effect for years -- maybe with your help I can get it straight. Thanks.

    (I think this will post as Anonymous -- Peg Nichols.)