Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Regular or Decaf?

Coffee drinkers can be separated into two distinct groups--those who want full-bodied regular and the ones who choose decaf. I think writers can be classified in similar groups--those regular writers who spend a part of every day writing and the others (decaf!) who write only occasionally. 

Which one are you? Do you write only when inspiration hits? Or do you try to write something every day? Which group do you think is going to have more work published? 

Most writing books recommend the everyday method. You don't need to write a full story or article each day. But do some kind each day--even a simple exercise. Try the color exercise where you name a color, then find as many words as possible to describe the color without actually naming it. You could choose a different color for days. You might work on characterizations if you're a fiction writer. Or you could set a goal of a certain number of words per day if you are working on a novel. 

For me, this blog serves as my daily writing. It forces me to write something each day from Monday through Friday. It keeps the creative juices flowing, it serves as a writing exercise of sorts, and, best of all, I thoroughly enjoy it.

If you're in the group that writes only occasionally, it might take more time than you'd like to get those words to come out the way you'd like. You have to search a little harder for that creativity than the regular writer. And maybe your writing world is not as satisfying as for those who write on a regular basis. If you do more thinking about writing than actual writing, it's gets easier and easier to 'put it off' another day--or two or three or...

There's a brand new year only days away. You can make a choice now. Are you going for regular or decaf in your writing world. Could be that choosing regular over decaf will give you a more satisfying result. 

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