Monday, December 5, 2011

Music and Words--An Everlasting Gift

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We spent a portion of our Sunday afternoon at a Christmas Choir Concert on the campus of Kansas State University. Oh, they termed it a Holiday Concert, but the music was all geared to Christmas. Seven lighted Christmas trees graced the sides of the stage and large, wrapped boxes with huge bows sat nearby. 

While each of several choirs moved onto of off the stage, one choir member led the audience in singing
Christmas carols that had been printed on the program sheets. What a great way this was to get some Christmas spirit.

Ken and I were both so impressed with the talent of the many students who performed. We learned later that many are not music majors but join one of the choirs as an extracurricular activity. Four of those studentts were awarded a special scholarship at the end of the concert. 

As we listened to the heart-lifting melodies, both religious and fun type of songs, I started to think about the tremendous gift we've been given by those who can string words together in such a meaningful way. Composers bring us the music and those who add the lyrics should be revered, as well. 

There are so many songs that we come to know by heart. The words given us become treasures. Whether it's Silent Night or Let It Snow, we've been gifted with those words written by one person. 

Songwriting has become a category at many writers conferences in recent years. It's not one of the workshops I would choose to attend because I have no talent in that field, but I've been pleased to see it offered for those who do have an interest. 

I'm grateful to lyricists of the past and those yet to make a splash with words of a new song one day. 

Think about it the next time you watch a musical program on TV, or attend a concert or musical play. Be grateful for the gift of words strung together and backed by music to give  you an everlasting gift.

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