Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keep A Notepad Handy

Those who celebrate Christmas have a good excuse for not writing much this month. There's the shopping, wrapping, cards to get mailed, parties to attend, baking, decorating and more. Besides that, the usual routine things need attention. The laundry is still there, the dust continues to swirl and settle on tables, and you still need to eat three times (or more in some cases) a day..

It's no wonder there's precious little time to write, especially for those who freelance. Full-time, paid writers have to keep to a work schedule. Freelancers can stray, and how can they not in a time like this?

Even with all the holiday activity, thoughts for stories still come to writers. You might get a brilliant idea while loading the dishwasher or folding laundry. But by the time you get to your computer, a few hours later, the thought may be gone. Or if not gone, maybe only part of it is left in your crowded mind. Suddenly, you're dealing with a missed opportunity.

So what's the answer? Keep a notepad or small notebook handy. When inspiration hits, write down enough keywords so that you can bring it back when you do have time to sit down and work on it. I've kept reading glasses in my purse, in the kitchen, living room and my office for years. They're where I need them. So why not do the same with your notepads? Keep several around so you can save your ideas. Tear off the page and place it by your computer. 

A half-dozen small notepads or notebooks might be a great gift for a writer. These Idea Books might produce some great stories, essays or articles one day. Maybe you should gift yourself with a few. Keep it visible, then use it all year long.

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