Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Writing Exercise Number Four

This is the final in a series of writing exercises I've been posting. This is one we did at the conference I attended a couple weeks ago. It helps with writing sensory details. We need to develop our ability to include those sensory details that can only make a good story even better. Do more of these exercises and adding these types of details will become an automatic response when writing.

The writer sees, hears, tastes, touches and smells when writing a story. We 'live' it as we write it, but the reader doesn't have that benefit. You, the writer, must write with sensory details so that the reader can experience it, as well  So, how about trying the following exercise? Do it today and maybe once a month.

Create a sentence or short paragraph for the following:

1.  Describe something you would see at a street fair
2.  Describe the texture of clothing you like or dislike
3.  Describe a city smell you like or dislike
4.  Describe a sound or sounds associated with a farm
5.  Describe a taste reminiscent from your childhood

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