Monday, October 10, 2011

Writers Need Hope

I'm going to join a new bible study group at my church this morning. They'll meet twice a month, and the title for the current study is "Hope." which seemed to call out to me, since that is the theme I chose for our ladies guild annual brunch. Guess who was asked to write the program? Hope gained from the birth of Baby Jesus is what I'll use as a base.

Writers need hope, too. It's a small word that has great importance. Hope is what keeps us coming back for more. It gives us a reason to continue writing. But what gives us hope? It's not that writing fairy who we think sprinkles golden words over us like pixie dust.

It's little things that encourage us. When we get an acceptance on a submission early in our writing days (or even well into a writing career or avocation), it makes us want to keep trying. If someone comments on a piece you've written, you are pleased as punch and it makes you know you should keep writing.

Every time we send a submission to an editor or to a contest, we do so with the hope that it will be accepted or place in the contest. No matter how many times we receive a rejection or don't win a contest, we still have that tiny kernel of hope deep inside. And so we try again.

Keep hope alive in your writing life. It's a great springboard to success.

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