Friday, September 2, 2011

Time For Some Football!

A website called Our Echo has as its slogan--Everyone has a story. What's yours? I have lots of stories in my life. One of them is my love for the Kansas State University Wildcats. Football season begins here tomorrow evening. Our mascot, Willie the Eildcat, pictured above, will be whipping the fans into a frenzy before the first kickoff occurs.

When you live in a college town, you get caught up in the sports world pretty fast. It happened to us when we moved here more than 36 years ago. K-State football was so terrible then, but people still supported the team, counting down the time until basketball season would begin. That's where the Wildcats took center stage. The football program jumped by leaps and bounds when Bill Snyder took over as coach, went down again during the three years he was retired, and now is moving back up under his guidance. He's a man who would have a whole lot of stories to tell, but he's far too busy.

We'll drive the three to four minutes to the stadium where we'll tailgate with old friends. The 52,000 seat stadium is sold out, so the parking lot will be filled with fans cooking, eating, drinking something cold and satisfying, and kids tossing footballs around. Purple flags will be flying throughout the parking lots and music blaring. Cheerleaders, the K-State Band and other students selling things will be mingling amongs the fans. We;'ll all be wearing purple, sunscreen and sunglasses. High for tomorrow will be 94, which is better than yesterday's 109. Still gonna be hot.

Shortly before game time, we;'ll head to the Bill--that's what the students call The Bill Snyder ?Family Stadium. The minute we walk through the gate, our excitement builds waiting for that moment when the pre-game activities are over and the football is kicked high into the air for the first time in 2011. I can hardly wiat.

I've writen several stories about things that have happened at games or my thoughts on football. Whateve you enjoy in your own life can be the baiss for something you write. Whether it's a sport or quilting or playing pool. There are stories everywhere. Pick one and start writing.

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