Wednesday, September 21, 2011

No Time? Yes There Is

How many times have you used this line? I'd write more but I just don't have time/" I bet all of us have said that at least once, and probably lots of writers have said it myriad times.

People lead very busy lives today. We have to multi-task more than we'd like to. If you're a hobbyist writer or a part time freelancer, or perhaps a full time career person who has a goal of writing a novel on the side, you know how hard it is to fit your writing into an already full schedule. I bet you're shaking your head in agreement. Time is the enemy, isn't it?

Well, guess what? Lots of us waste time. We allow other frivolous  things to move in on our writing time. Do you really need to watch Dancing With The Stars? How important is it to look through your entire recipe box when seeking only one? Is it necessary to sit on the patio with two cups of coffee trying to get up the energy to begin your day's work? Stop and think about some things you do that are time wasters. We all have them. I'm as guilty as the next guy.

There are definitely times in our lives when we truly do not have time for writing. A family tragedy or illness, a child who needs us to get through a difficult time, or a workload at your regular job that is stressing you to the hilt. But there are also many wasted moments in our lives.

If we can identify them and work on reducing them, we might gain some writing time. Think about it.

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