Monday, August 15, 2011

The Help--First A Book, Now A Movie

Anyone who is a regular reader here will know that I usually am not thrilled with the movies that evolve from a good book. All too often, the movie strays far from the book, even changes major portions. I almost always come home grumbling. Lately, after reading the movie review, I generally choose to skip it.

I enjoyed The Help by Kathryn Stockett so much that I feared what would happen when the movie was made. But last week, the review in our Kansas City Star made me decide to see the film, which opened nationwide this week.

Sunday afternoon, I saw the movie with two friends. We noted that the age level of the audience tilted wildly to the senior citizens. More on that later...

I enjoyed every bit of the movie and was pleased to see that the director and producer of the film had stayed true to the story in the book. Some editorial reviews of the book were not as favorable as the ones that came from a majority of readers. Maybe some of those who did not warm to the book would feel the same regarding the movie. Anyone who liked the book is almost certain to like the movie.

It was great fun to see the 60's cars, hairdos, and dresses. I noted many dresses that looked like ones that hung in my closet 50+ years ago, and I definitely had long hair in a flip hairstyle. What a time I had getting my natural curly hair to behave for that style. By day's end, the curls were back.

I noted several actresses who gave academy award performances. I won't name them, so you can select them on your own if you see the movie.

Back to the people in the audience--I wished that more of our younger generations would come to see the movie. Yes, it has historical value regarding civil rights as it takes place long before many of them were born, but it has more than that. There are clear messages about people and they way they act and the consequences of their actions. That is what I would like them to see.

I'm giving The Help a thumbs up for both book and movie.

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