Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Do You Have Favorite Writers?

Do you have favorite writers? I certainly do. I found a new story today posted at Our Echo website. The author is one who use to post her work regularly at this website where writers of all levels can contribute. No rejections here, just readers who appreciate good stories.

This particular woman is one of the best of the Our Echo family of writers. Whenever I see a new story of hers, I feel a little thrill because I know I'm in for a treat. Born in Ireland and now a US resident, she has a way of using sensory detail that takes the reader straight across the Atlantic and into the green hills of Ireland. Her stories feature her growing-up years and the various people who were a part of that period. But beyond the fine detail and character development, her nonfiction stories have an underlying message and/or lesson for all of us. I'm not going to name her yet, as I'm hoping she'll consent to being a guest blogger here.

I have favorite novelists, too. Catherine Cookson wrote book upon book about often poverty-stricken working class people in England and the aristocrats who lord it over them. Coal miners showed up often in her fine stories, and since my grandfather was a miner here in the  US but born in London of Irish parents, this is of great interest to me. Ms. Cookson was a master storyteller and a prolific writer with a long list of books to her credit.

Another novelist I especially like is Barbara Taylor Bradford. Her rags to riches stories are fell-good and entertaining ones. Rosamunde Pilcher, another British author, ranks among my favorites. Do I like any American authors? Of course, I do. Among them are Kristin Hannah, Taylor Caldwell, John Grisham and David Guterson. Some I've named are contemporary novelists while others have passed on, leaving their published works behind.

I have a few favorite nonfiction authors, too. Stephen Ambrose probably tops that list. His books on American History often read like novels.

My favorite authors and yours are probably totally different because we don't all like to read the same kind of thing. I like a good story, historical fiction, good creative nonfiction but I don't read fantasy or science fiction. Yet some people will rank authors of those genres high on their list of favorites. How about you? Who are your favorite authors?

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