Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Journal A Medical Journey

We've discussed all kinds of writing here at Writer Granny's World, but one that I've not touched on is the kind of writing done during the course of a serious medical situation.

I have a friend who is going through chemo for a serious bout with cancer. She's a writer, and so she's been keeping a journal of her journey through this difficult time of her life. She's a very sick woman right now, but she's kept up with the journal and has shared it with friends. Maybe it gives her a reason to get up in the morning. It is certainly an emotional release for her and may aid in the healing process in ways we don't even know. And it's also a good record of names, dates, procedures and more about all that this journey which is fraught with detours and hazards along the way. I so admire her for pursuing this project while fighting for her life.

Her journal also serves to keep friends and family connected. We want to know what is happening but don't want to continually bother the family for updates. I know how much I appreciate each new update that arrives. The great technology we live with allows it to happen at the push of a button, or should I say a click of the mouse?

There are websites that allow posting by the family of a person who is critically ill. All  an interested person need do is sign up to receive each new posting, and they are kept abreast of all new crises or progress of the patient. There is a place for comments to the family, as well, which can be wonderful support for them. One that I am familiar with is Caring Bridge . I'm sure there are others, as well.

I've written essays that deal with health crises of friends. One that shows how one friend used an unexpected emotion in her one year fight through breast cancer treatment has been published three times. I wrote it in hopes it might be encouraging to others. Read it here.

Yes, it takes precious time to journal when ill or for family members to update others for you, but the day will come when all concerned will be appreciative of the writing that took place. And for those who triumph over a serious illness, it will be of great benefit to look back and see what actually happened.

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