Monday, July 11, 2011

A Good Place To Submit Your Work

Several years ago, having your work published at an ezine online didn't gain much respect in the writing world. Anyone can do that, was the thinking. That wasn't necessarily true, but there were websites that were so hungry for content they accepted anything submitted to them. Quality was not important to the site owners. They wanted to make a name for themselves and were willing to print whatever came their way. Most of those ezines did not last. Readers weren't satisfied with what they offered and/or the owner of the site got tired of trying to make themselves known among thousands of others. They left a black cloud over the ezine world.

But there are some online ezines that have survived and have been selective in what they publish. That is part of the reason they've been successful. One that I especially like and respect is  Long Story Short listed as an ezine for writers. But I think it is also one for those who don't write but enjoy reading short stories, nonfiction and poetry. This writer's ezine has been on the Writers Digest list of 101 Best Websites for Writers 8 times. That in itself says something.

I discovered LSS quite a few years ago, and I submitted a few things to them, One rejection after another! But I kept reading the ezine each month, and I continued sending my work to them. Finally, they accepted a story, and then a poem, and then a nonfiction piece and more. Because they didn't take anything and everything sent to them, I was pleased to be accepted and proud to have my writing in their ezine.

Take a look at the home page, read some of the writing they publish and then study the guidelines. They do not pay, but in the writing world, they are highly regarded. Adding them to your clip file would be nice.

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