Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writers As Friends

I got to thinking last night about how many writers I know who have become my friends. The photo above was taken at the last conference my online critique group had in April of 2010. We spent several days together listening, learning, and socializing. Every one of the women are writers, but they're also the kind of people I am happy to have as friend. With the daily back and forth we do with subbing and critting and off-topic chatting, we know one another well.

I've met other writers at conferences but not all have become friends. Even so, many of them have reached out in one way or another, and a friendship grew. I post a lot of my work at an online community of writers and readers  called Our Echo. I've become a regular there and have gathered several friends who also post frequently and make comments. One no longer posts her work there, but she and I have kept in touch.

A few of my writer acquaintances have become bloggers. By reading and commenting on their blogs, our relationship has become a friendship.

Having friends who are in the writing world means you have someone who really understand when you whine about rejections. They are also great people to listen to your grandiose ideas for a new writing project. They are helpful in editing your work, if you ask nicely! And all that works in reverse, You have a lot in common with other writers which is a good base on which your friendship stands.

Take a few minutes today to list all the friends you have in your writing world. And then be thankful for them. You might even tell them that you value their friendship when an opportunity rises.

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