Monday, June 20, 2011

Rainbows in My Life

I've had some nice things happening in my writing life the past few days. Beautiful rainbows shining above the everyday, routine things.

On Friday, I learned that my story "The Girls On The Bus" had made the finalists list for a new Thin Threads anthology with the theme of Moms and Grandmas. Only ten stories will be selected out of the final twenty-one, so the odds are not super good on this one. Even so, I'm very pleased to have made the finals.

On Sunday, another rainbow arrived. I won first place in a June Father's Day contest at Women's Memoirs website, a place you might want to visit. Lots of good stuff there. "Driving With Dad" is about the lectures my dad gave me over and over. How tired I grew of them, but an amazing thing happened years later. Read the story and see if you might be able to relate to it.

Writers have a lot of dark and gloomy times. There seem to be periods where rejections roll in like storm clouds, but then the rainbow appears and chases the stormy times away, at least for a little while. Those few rainbows is what keeps writers motivated to move on to a new story, poem or article.


  1. That was a beautiful story about your Dad and you're right it is a great website. I've enjoyed reading it for a long time - maybe now with your encouraging win I'll actually enter one of their competitions

  2. Ann--if you don't enter, you can't win. so go for it!