Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wednesday Post on Tuesday Night

I knew I wouldn't have time to post tomorrow as we'll be on the road so here's Wednesday's post on Tuesday night.

I was at a big outlet mall today that had a Publisher's Clearinghouse store, so since I can't ever pass up a bookstore, I stopped in. And I stayed a long time. And I left with a bag holding four books.

The prices were great. Many of the books were by authors whose names were quite recognizable while others were by virtual strangers to me. In talking to the manager, I learned that the books they sell are ones other book stores were not able to sell. Maybe they ordered more copies than they should have, or maybe the book, while publishable, might not be on the top tier.

Even so, I saw many books I'd already read that I would consider good books. I also saw things that turned me off completely. It made me wonder how many authors get the thrill of having a manuscript accepted by a publisher, live through the editing and galleys and marketing only to end up with a book that didn't come close to selling well. How very disappointing that must be.

If it happens, an author has two choices. She/he can give up writing or can write another book using what was learned along the way with the first one. I'd hope that more would try again than would cut themselves off from the literary world.

Meanwhile, I have four new books to enjoy.

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  1. I'd love to know the titles of your four new books, Nancy. I also bought several books recently from a used book store, for summer reading. Let's share!
    ~ Maria H.