Friday, May 20, 2011

Take Advantage of Weather

We're having a siege of rainy days in Kansas. Just now, thunder rumbled and I can hear the rain as it swirls down the drainpipe of our house. I can't take my walk this morning, but I can take advantage of what the rainstorm offers.

It's the perfect time to write descriptive phrases and paragraphs about a rainy day. It's the best time ever to write about the way the lightning cracks and thunder rolls across the gray skies. What better time to write about something but when it's actually happening.

On stormy days like this, write about a memory you have of another stormy day. Long ago, when my now 56 year old brother was about 4, we had a summer storm and I didn't know where he'd disappeared. After looking around the house, I found him in my parents' bedroom, standing at the window. He was talking to God, telling him that all that noise scared little boys and could He please make it stop. He was so earnest and also frightened of the storm that my heart went out to him. I was 20--yes, there are 16 years between us as well as two other brothers sandwiched in-between--so I scooped him into my arms and tried to reassure him about our need for rain and more--anything I could think of to soothe him. I have often thought of that moment on stormy days, and someday it may end up in a story.

So, take advantage of the weather you're having, if it's rain, or snow, or spectacular sunshine and blue skies. No better time to write about the weather than when you're experiencing it. If the weather predictions hold true, it looks like I might be writing about rain for at least another 6 days!

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