Monday, May 9, 2011

A Memorable Mother's Day

This was going to be an unusual Mother's Day because we were out of town at a wedding on Saturday and were to go on to a resort area in a lake district to meet two couples on Sunday. They are longtime friends whom we meet somewhere once a year.

I did see my daughter and her husband on Saturday as they were also at the wedding. We'd gone out to get a light lunch between the noon wedding and evening reception. Ragland Road Irish Pub in the new entertainment district of Kansas City was a nice spot to do that.

Sunday morning, we had breakfast at our hotel and lots of people from the wedding were there so I received many Happy Mother's Day greetings. We were ready to check out when Ken discovered his credit card was missing. Panic!

The only place he'd used it all day was at the Irish Pub. "Must've left it there after signing the receipt," he said.

5 hours later---security office tried to get hold of the manager, no go. We waited for them to open at noon. No go. Another restaurant manager said they opened at 3 on Sunday. More waiting. No go. Apparently they all went to spend Mother's Day with their mamas because they never opened at all!

We called and cancelled our credit card, called the two couples on their way to meet us to say we'd be late, and off we went to the Lake of the Ozarks. Had planned to be there by noon to open the condo and greet our friends when they arrived since we were host couple this year. Instead, we arrived after six and they greeted us!

Maybe it would have been better to spend Mother's Day with family in the more usual way. I did get to see my daughter that morning at the hotel and my son did call from Dallas to wish me a Happy Mother's Day.

Today, the three men are playing golf and we women will hit a huge outlet mall. A better Monday than Sunday, I hope.

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