Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Social Media Helps Writers, Too

So, how many facebook friends do you have? Some people seem to think it's a contest to gather as many Friends on this social media site as possible. Some sign on to use it strictly for fun. They play games, chat with friends and family far away, and rant a bit about pet causes.

But for the writer, facebook and twitter offer more than that. I am Friends on facebook with a number of other writers. It's great to see what they've had published, as they post any new publishing success or a speaking engagement that is writing-related.  Seeing what others do in their writing world can be inspirational for me and other writers.

Just yesterday, an editor of a new anthology I'm in posted a photo of the page in the Table of Contents in that book with my story title and my name on my facebook page. It brought several comments from others. Had I not been on facebook, this mini press release would not have happened.

Writers also post calls for submissions that they've received from various publications. Just this morning, I saw a contest posted by a friend that I had never been aware of before. I clicked on the link and read the guidelines, then bookmarked the site. It's one I'll definitely look into when I have more time.

Add to that--they have a place to vent a bit when things in their writing world don't go as hoped for. It doesn't change whatever happened, but somehow it feels good to get if off your chest and maybe be soothed by others who've been there.

I know one writer who posts little snippets of his novel. A teaser, in hopes someone will be curious enough to buy the book. That's a longshot, but maybe it works occasionally.

Many writers post small tidbits on twitter, too. I must admit that I tried twitter but found it was not for me. Maybe I'll give it a try another time, and maybe it was not for me because I didn't know how to use it properly. The nice thing about any of these social media things is that you can sign on and sign off just as easily.

Consider trying facebook and/or twitter if you are not already doing so. You might be surprised how it can expand your writing world. You may know a writer who knows many other writers and before you know it, there is a connection. Like so many things, you can do as much on these sites as you want to. Some spend copious amounts of time there, while others scan the posts and check out the ones that interest them before they move on to other things.

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