Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Write Your March Memories

We're already nine days into March. Have you written your March Memories for the Monthly Memory Book we've talked about here? Having trouble getting started?

Sit down with a cup of coffee or tea or go out for a walk on one of these more-moderate days we're having and delve back into your childhood. Think about the things your family did in March. Things that happened at school every March. Things you and your best friend did every March. Start writing those memories. One memory often triggers another and another and there you are---a whole lot to write about the month of March.

Your children and grandchildren will have a record of what that month was like as you grew up. Keeping these memories in a notebook in order of the months will end the year with a treasure trove for your family. Besides that, it's kind of fun to revisit those long-ago days, even if it is only through memories. It might move yo to write a letter to an old friend who shared those days with you.

Memory Triggers for March:
1.  What kind of bulletin board displays did your teachers use? March winds--St. Patrick's Day--Early Srping
2.  How did your family celebrate St. Patrick's Day?
3.  What special foods did your mother prepare in March?
4.  What was the weather like where you lived?
5.  What Easter memories do you have?
6.  Did your scout troop or 4-H club or some other group have something special in March?
7. Were you starting to count the days until summer vacation from school arrived?
8.  Was wind a factor in March where you lived?
9.  Did you have March snowstorms?
10.  Did you rejoice when seeing the first spring flowers?
11.  Were kites a part of March for you?

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