Monday, March 14, 2011

A Snowy Day In March

We woke up to several inches of wet, heavy snow today. March the 14th! Silly me. I thought we could say winter had blown away and spring was on its way. I should have known better. We almost always get one snow day in March. After all, spring doesn't arrive officially until the 21st of March.

I have to admit that this kind of snow looks spectacular on the trees and wherever else it piles up. The weight of this kind of snow bends tree branches into the ballerina-like poses.With temps to reach mid-40's today, it's already beginning the big melt. That's fine for pretty lasts just so long.

What better thing to do on a snowy day than write about it. You might add this to your March Memories for your twelve month memory book. Note how I assume you're doing this project this year, month by month. If nothing else, I'm thinking positive.

Maybe in your part of the world, March snows don't exist, but if they do, what do you remember about them? Did one ever happen on Easter Sunday? How about during spring break when you wanted to be outside playing ball or flying a kite in the gusty March wind? Did you build a snowman or have a snowball fight? Did you ever construct a snowfort and pretend it was an igloo? Delve back to those childhood days and look for the memories stored away. Check the March Snow file. I bet it's full!

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