Thursday, March 3, 2011

Konza Internet Radio--A New Venture For Me

Today, some of the stories I've written are going to be published in a new venue--at least, it's new for me. An internet radio station was launched in our community this week. It's being run through the University For Man program here, which is a group that offers classes of all kinds to those of all ages. UFM is affiliated with Kansas State University.

The internet radio station is a new venture for UFM and appearing on it is a new venture for me, as well. The Director of the new station contacted me several weeks ago. She asked if I'd be interested in recording some of my stories to be aired on the new station. The idea intrigued me, since I have always enjoyed reading my work when giving a program or at writers groups. So why not give this a whirl? I had absolutely nothing to lose and something to gain--further recognition of my work, which is something all writers enjoy.

The Director contacted me earlier this week saying that she was going to run my stories every two hours for a 24 hour period beginning at 1 p.m. CST on March 3rd--today. I recorded 6 stories which will only take a half hour or so to listen to. I think they will then be aired periodically for several weeks, then be archived where they can also be brought up to listen to.

I haven't heard the recordings yet myself so am looking forward to doing so. You can listen at Click on Programs (I think). All this is very new to me, so I'm feeling my way here.I'm still learning how to navigate around the site, so I can't offer a lot of help on that.

I'd love to have any comments regarding what you like or don't like about internet radio and my recordings in particular.

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