Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More Stories From Grandkids

We had a great day with Jordan, 7, and Cole, 4, on Monday. We dropped our car off to have some maintenance work done on it, and picked up a loaner. The kids thought that was great fun. Then it was off to do some shopping.

Next came lunch, and we went to a very nice Italian place Ken and I like a lot. The children like eating out as much as all of the grown-ups in our family do. They behaved very nicely so it was no problem. While we were waiting for our lunch to arrive at our table, we talked a little bit about manners.

The conversation moved on to other things, and lunch arrived. They ate nearly all their lunch which doesn't always happen with children in restaurants. As we waited for our check, Cole looked at me with his blue eyes wide open. What he said left me biting my lip so I wouldn't laugh.

"Grandma," he said in a very serious tone, "next time we go out to eat I'm going to bring my real manners."

I wondered all day what kind of manners he'd been using since the real ones were coming with us next time.

Little quips like that are great to file away for use in a future story. I think we need to write them down, though, as they are too easily forgotten.

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