Monday, January 31, 2011

Water, Ice and Snow

We're getting hit with freezing rain today, which is to change to snow tonight and heavy snow all day tomorrow. Ice and snow are enough to contend with, but add water--lots of water--into the mix and it gets even more interesting.

This morning, I got up at 6:45 and walked across the hall to my office to look outside and see if any precip had come overnight. I had a 9 a.m. appointment today, and driving on ice is not something I relish doing. As soon as I hit the office doorway, I saw a flashing light, zipped to the window to see a large city utility truck outside across from our driveway. A police car was also there, and men were walking in the street.

Ken went outside to see what was going on. The street was icy, and someone had slid into the fire hydrant that sits just a few feet from our driveway and the curb. The car was still sitting in the side of the fire hydrant and water gushing out all over the street.

I took a quick shower with water pressure lower than I ever remember it being here. Ken filled containers with water for use later in the day when they turn off the water main to replace the hydrant. It's three hours later, and the water is still gushing out, flooding the street. A tow truck has pulled the car and hydrant out, and a backhoe is here now preparing to replace the fire hydrant. It may take hours to replace, and while this is going on, we have no water. Ken had the forethought to fill some containers before the water was turned off.

I can only imagine the skating pond our street will be. Then add 7 to 10 inches of snow on top tomorrow, and it's a recipe for Winter Woes. I cancelled the appointment for this morning and another scheduled for this afternoon and tonight. Had two things to do tomorrow but looks like they aren't going to happen either.

I knew it was bad when I heard on our local radio station that the Kansas State University was cancelling classes, and the library on campus is closed. This almost never happens. We're only a small part of this storm system, as it looks to be spreading over a huge area of the Midwest. But I wonder how many others have ruptured fire hydrants to add to the fun.

Tune in tomorrow to see how long it took the city workers to take care of this mess. Not complaining, just kind of amazed at how long it is taking. More than one man out there has fallen on the slippery driveway and into the water. With below freezing temps, they should have frozen outer clothes in minutes! It would not be a choice job today.

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  1. Hopefully the water comes back on soon. This winter seems to be hard on utility workers.