Friday, January 14, 2011

Searching For Warmer Temps

We're leaving our house in good hands and hitting the road this morning. My husband, Ken, felt like he needed a break from winter, so we're heading south. First to Dallas to visit our son and family for a couple days, and then on to the Hill Country in the San Antonio area.

We've been there before but it's a fun place and definitely warmer than Kansas is right now. We may stop to see friends who winter in New Braunfels, a charming little town between Austin and San Antonio that has a distinct German flavor.

I've filled my book bad with the anthologies that I've got stories in and haven't had time to read yet. There are three of them that have been waiting patiently for me. Ken has a new book he received for Christmas, so I'm looking forward to some reading time, some relaxation and maybe finding some new stories to write.

I'll have the laptop with me so will be checking in next week as usual.


  1. Have a great time away! P.S. I loved your entry about a ferris wheel and having your submissions on each seat to fill as they become empty. Loved the visual of it.

  2. Thanks Lisa. Sending you a hug.