Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Computer Woes

I missed posting here yesterday due to computer woes. The signal on my modem was out and I tried all the little tricks the tech guys have given me over the years. All to no avail, so I called for a techie's help. Waited and waited and waited before one finally got to me.

Long story short--the modem had up and died! "Sorry, but you're past warranty on it, so it will be $49.95 for a new one. We'll ship it to you via UPS."

Ship it! How long is that going to take I wonderd. When I asked him, he said I should have it either Wednesday or Thursday. I'm sure hoping for today--Wednesday. Maybe by late afternoon. Right now, I'm at the library using a public computer. A little sign just flashed telling me I have only minutes left. Horrors because I have so much left to say!

I learned one thing, or rather I learned it again, because I already knew it. I'm totally addicted to my computer. It's my link to the world. And I miss it a lot.

Hope to be back on board very soon.

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  1. We lost our internet for nearly 3 days. I thought there might be an addiction here, now I know for sure.