Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Commit To A Blog

Annette Gendler, a writer friend in Chicago, writes personal essays and memoir stories. She also teaches writing classes at StoryStudio  (http://www.storystudiochicago.com/)  in her city. Yesterday, she entered the beautiful world of blogging. Her brand new blog called Memoir, Writing and Life can be found at www.annettegendler.com  If you write creative nonfiction, this blog might be of benefit to you. I have signed on as a Follower and am looking forward to reading it regularly.

Another writer friend in England mentioned in an e-mail note today that she has a blog that needs nurturing. She confessed that she has been neglecting it. Good move on her part, as blogs need feeding it on a regular basis.

There are hundreds, thousands, and more blogs floating around in our cyberworld. You can't possibly read every single one that holds interest for you, so you have to pick and choose the ones that appeal to you for one reason or another. Maybe it's because you know the blogger personally. Or, better yet, that the information given has been helpful to you. Or, that the blogger writes so that you look forward to what he/she has to say when you click on the blogsite.

The one thing most readers do is give up reading blogs where the posts are haphazard and come with great lengths of nothing between them. Readers get tired of checking to see if there is a new post. I've tried to post Monday through Friday every week so that readers will know they can find something new on a regular basis. I don't have time to do that! say many bloggers. My reply is If you don't take time to do it, why bother having a blog in the first place?

Signing on to blog is a commitment. Whether your blog is about writing, repairing cars or brewing beer, you started it for others to read, so you'd better deliver the goods. If you want to post once a week, make it always on Monday or Friday or whatever, but do it so readers can rely on a new post at some certain time.

Give serious thought to all facets of being a blogger before you make the leap into Blogville. If you're ready to commit, go for it.

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