Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Surprise On My Porch

When I went out to get the mail yesterday, I found a small box on my porch, left by the UPS man. A Christmas gift? Something one of us had ordered? When I looked at the return address, it made me smile, and I knew immediately what it was.

The box was sent by the Guideposts publishers. Inside were two copies of the most recent book in their Extraordinary Answers To Prayer series. This particular anthology is titled In Times Of Change. My story "The Right Prayer" is in the book and is also referred to on the back cover.

The book has an eye-pleasing hard cover. It's done in shades of soft greens and has a picture of a colorful butterfly on what appears to be a wheat stalk. All the stories in the book are about turning to God when we face transitions in our lives. They have not received the wide attention that the Chicken Soup anthologies garner, but they are every bit as well done. The Guideposts name is one recognized in the Christian world, and that alone would draw readers.

I know that some browsers in a bookstore might pass right by. If they do, they are missing an opportunity to read true stories about how other people handle changes that afflict so many of us. Along with the prayer factor, I think there are many good messages for readers in these books.

My story is about our first baby who was born with a serious birth defect. Her birth changed our lives in more ways than I could ever imagine. Other stories in the book deal with addiction, job loss, even a hostage situation. After browsing through the book, I'm looking forward to reading it.

If you're looking for one more Christmas gift, you might consider this book. Or maybe make a gift of it to yourself. For me, finding the book on my porch was an early Christmas gift.

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