Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Small Steps

We had the car radio on as we drove to the K-State basketball game last night. The announcer was talking about one of the newer players on the team. "He has to take it in small steps," he said. The thought flashed through my mind that the same is true for writers.

When we begin writing, we dream of being published in major magazines or having a blockbuster first novel. That would be great, but it really is a dream. It's rare that somebody hits the bigtime right out of the gate. Even moving along the writing path in leaps and bounds is not the usual way a write moves.

Instead, the vast majority of us take small steps, one at a time. Those small steps add up as time goes on, and we draw closer and closer to our goals. We hit a few bumps in the road along the way. Too many rejections shower us with disappointment, maybe a bit of anger, and definitely some doubt.

Believe in yourself and keep taking those small steps. You can move around those bumps in the road with some patience and perseverance. Both are key to reaching that dream.

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