Monday, November 8, 2010

Storytellers from Guatemala to Kansas

The picture above is of my husband, Ken, me and our houseguests of last week. Nury and Arnaldo de Milian live in Guatemala. Arnaldo is an engineer and Nury is a tour guide, but both have an interest in and support a group called the Children's Christian Concern Society. The CCCS supports Christian Education in 21 countries around the world, but it began 42 years ago in Guatemala, thanks to a lay-missionary couple from Kansas. Learn more about the group at

Nury was invited to be the keynote speaker at the annual CCCS dinner last Friday evening in Topeka, KS. Ken and I hosted them in our home for a couple of days prior to that. What a delightful couple they are. We never seemed to run out of things to discuss while comparing our families, our towns, our lives. Nury worked on her speech in-between our other activities. 

At the dinner on Friday evening, she told the story of the CCCS in Guatemala and showed pictures of the many children helped by this non-profit group. In her lilting, slightly accented English, she touched the hearts of the nearly 300 people in attendance. Nury is a storyteller just like me, but she does it live, while mine are on the printed page. 

Both of us have a goal of reaching out to others in the best way we can. I feel blessed to have spent time with another person who shared my goal. 

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