Monday, November 29, 2010

Anthology Week

Besides a nice Thanksgiving, last week was Anthology Week for me.I received a contract from one, sent a story to another, and found a copy of another with my work in it waiting for me in the mailbox.

The contract came from Silver Boomer Books. My story, "My Path To Books," will be included in their latest anthology book, Flashlight Memories. The book's theme is reading in our growing-up years. It should have some interesting tales. The original title of my story was "How I Learned To Love Books" but the publishers changed it. I had no problem with what they chose, so it wasn't an issue. What is an issue is the small amount they pay authors in comparison to other anthologies. I shouldn't have a problem with it since I knew when I submitted my story what they were going to pay. I knew, and I accept it, but it still irritates me as I spent as much time and effort for this story as I do on ones that land in much higher paying books. As long as writers are willing to submit to low-paying publishers, it will not change.

I submitted a story to a Holiday Memories Contest sponsored by Cup of Comfort, one of the better known anthologies. You can enter, too, at

The anthology in my mailbox was one called Thin Threads with a subtitle of more real stories of life-changing moments. "College Isn't For Girls" is a story that definitely fits that theme. This is the first time I've had anything in a Thin Threads book. It's a nicely done large paperback with a glossy cover.

Have you got any stories to send to anthologies? If so, they won't get published unless you submit them. Be prepared for a long wait, but you might have a good anthology week just like I did.

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