Friday, October 29, 2010

Prompts To Write Memory Pieces

Anyone can write one of the monthly memory pieces like I talked about in yesterday's post. We all grew up. We all went to school, lived in a family, had activities, favorites as well as things we didn't like. To get started, make a list of questions to ask yourself like the one I've put below. The answers will start the memory ball rolling, and before you know it, you'll have a memory piece.

Using October as a guide:
1.  What kind of school projects did you do?

2.  Were you in scouts, 4 H or some other similar group? What were the activities for fall months?

3.  What kind of foods did your mom prepare in October?

4.  What things did your family do every fall to prepare your home for winter?

5.  What is your favorite memory of October?

6.  What is something you disliked about October?

7.  How did your wardrobe change when October came?

8.  What teacher did the best fall projects at school?

9.  What did the area where you lived look like in October?

10.  What fall sport did you like best?

11. What holiday did you recognize in October? How?

This is only a beginning. You can list many other things. Answer these questions and I think you'll find that your memories will surface and keep coming. Any one of the things in the above list will open the gates and let the past return to you.

Do October this week and next week, start on November. You'll have lots to write about with the Thanksgiving holiday in that month.

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  1. Nice prompts! I think I may use some of these for our November meeting. Thanks! You are always supplying me with a large does of inspiration.

    I think I'm caught up again. ;)