Friday, October 15, 2010

Celebrations Two Days In A Row

What a great week this has turned out to be. The program that I had to whip together in a hurry for my P.E.O. chapter yesterday turned out to be very well received, and even better, I had fun giving the program.

Later in the day, I had news that a dear friend who nearly died from a brain bleed two weeks ago is coming home and doing well.

And last night, Ken and I settled down to watch our beloved K-State Wildcats play our arch-rival, KU, over in Lawrence. KU had the home advantage and had been off nearly two weeks, while we were coming off a disastrous loss to Nebraska of only a week ago. This game would be a toss-up, according to those in-the-know and also low-scoring. Instead, our team won 59-7, and we, along with all Wildcat fans, were ecstatic.

Another happy event today, as it is our granddaughter's birthday. Seven years ago, I waited at the hospital with her other grandmother. What a glorious moment it was when her daddy walked nonchalantly into the waiting room and said, "Do you want to see a picture or meet the real Jordan?" With a whoop, we leaped to our feet and followed a now- beaming Steve to Karen's room to meet our granddaughter. For seven years, she's brought great joy into our lives.

                                                  Jordan on the first day of school 2010

All those things I've listed above are small events in the big scheme of our lives, but it's those happy moments that make special memories and as I look over the list, I see that a story might be written about each and every one. Look into the little things in your life that bring you some joy and see if there might be a story to write.

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