Thursday, September 30, 2010

Maybe It's Time To ....

We received sad news this morning about a friend who was airlifted to a hospital two hours from here after suffering a brain hemorrhage. The hospital is a highly regarded neurological trauma center, and I know she is getting the best care available to us.

Our friend is a woman in her mid-seventies but one that is vibrant and operates on a schedule that might daunt a thirty year old. She has given so much of herself to others throughout her lifetime. She has been a wife, a mother, grandmother, teacher, school social worker, and founder of the Children's Christian Concern Society.

The CCCS is a group that sponsors christian education in 21 countries around the globe. It began 42 years ago in Zacapa, Guatemala because of our friend's caring heart, and the organization has grown tremendously over the years, thanks to the leadership of our friend and her husband. She reminds me of the Energizer Bunny, always going, always doing something, even her mind seldom rests.

But now, she lies in a hospital fighting for life. And I am reminded of how very fragile life is. In a matter of minutes, our lives can change or even be snuffed out. It's totally out of our control.

It does make me think that I must do the things I've always wanted to do before there's no time to do them. I have a juvenile novel that I've written and never made a serious effort at marketing it, despite several people encouraging me to do so. Maybe it's time that I do that. Maybe it's time to stop saying someday and make it a today  thing instead.

Maybe it's time to tell special people how I feel about them. I know, but perhaps they aren't aware of it. And I'd like them to be aware that I admire and/or love them. Maybe it's time to treasure the little moments in life--like waking up in the morning with my husband's arms holding me close. Maybe it's time to say the thank you I owe to many people who have made a difference in my life.

Maybe we all need to step back and think about a lot of things. Tragedy illuminates the fragility of our lives.


  1. Excellent point. I learned this lesson when my mother passed away. Her death was unexpected. I hadn't talked to her in nearly 2 weeks. I wish I had called her everyday. It's one of my greatest regrets.

  2. It's hard when we 'wish' we'd done something and have no chance to rectify it. Forgive yourself for it as it's a very human thing that happens.