Monday, September 6, 2010

Game Day Brings Many Thoughts

These are a few of my family members at our tailgate party held Saturday before the K-State vs UCLA football game. We had plenty to eat, some adult beverages and some for the kids. The purple flags were flying everywhere I looked, barbecue grills sent out tantalizing aromas, and music and radio sports announcers came through loud and clear across the huge stadium parking lot.

We cleaned up our party food and trash and headed into the stadium, with me wondering if four year old Cole would make it through the entire game. It's a long time for a little guy. Turned out he did just fine. Lots of things for him to watch and concession stands nearby for his dad to walk to with him.

Cole was thrilled with the long row of motorcycles that zoomed around the football field in the pre-game activities. It was Harley Day. Motorcyles with purple flags and American flags whipping behind them set the tone for an exciting day.

The game made us all happy as we left with a win. That first notch on the win-loss chart was made, and it landed on the right side. We left feeling uplifted and ready for the game next week. Only Ken and I will be at that one. It was great to have both our children and their families with us this week-end. Each and every one of those times we spend together are precious.

I thought of so many stories to write at different moments this week-end. But because I was occupied with many things, I didn't jot down notes, and I fear many will be forgotten by the time I am able to work on them. I didn't take my own advice about making notes to yourself when you have story ideas. When the thought is gone, sometimes it's really gone. Sad because those ideas would have given me a lot to write about. I can probably come up with a few of them later today, but to wait much longer than that would be like butterflies soaring into the summer sky. Beautiful but elusive.

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