Monday, September 20, 2010

Book-ends On A Good Week-end

We all enjoy some R and R time now and then. Ken and I had it in Kansas City this week-end which left us both feeling relaxed and refreshed. We shopped, ate at some super good restaurants, went to the K-State game, visited a friend, and took in an art fair.

As if that wasn't enough, my writing world book-ended the week-end with good news. Friday evening, when we returned from dinner feeling totally full but not miserable from overeating, I turned on my laptop. One of the messages waiting for me was from the editor of Horizons, a small Canadian magazine. I'd sent him a fiction story in January and had no response until about May when he requested I send the story again. Seems he lost it. Then no word, so I figured he read it, hated it and dumped it. But here he was now, telling me I had written a "great story" and he wanted to publish "The Long Night" in the October issue. We hadn't ordered dessert at the restaurant, but this message seemed to be the dessert on top of an already nice day.

We got home late Sunday afternoon, and an hour later, I found a message from the editor of Thin Threads Anthologies put out by Kiwi Publishing. I had a story in the finals for one of their books, and this message was to let me know my story made the cut. "College Isn't For Girls" will be in a book about life changing moments to be published in October.

Two acceptances made good book-ends for this very fine week-end.

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