Monday, August 16, 2010

Meet Alexis Nikki--An American In Paris

Meet Alexis Niki, an American who has lived in European countries a good share of her life, an American in Paris for many years. Alexis is screen writer and recently added film producer to her resume. I met her in my former online writers critique group--WriteCraft. When it came to an end, I moved on to the writersandcritters group, and Alexis chose to spread her wings and fly on her own.

We dropped the occasional e-mail and then came Facebook where I was able to connect with her on a more regular basis and have watched the progress of her current film project with great interest.

When we planned our trip to France, I wrote and asked if we might be able to have a real live face-to-face meeting. She responded that she'd love to do that, and so one evening Alexis met us at our hotel. Ken snapped the picture you see here, and then the three of us walked down the street to a small cafe where we had a very nice visit over a few glasses of red wine.

In addition to her writing and producing, Alexis is a teacher of the Alexander Technique. Read about this method of treating back pain, poor posture and more at  She is married to a Brazilian man, who she says, is now a real European after twenty years on that continent.

The project she is working on now is a web film series titled "My Bitchy Witchy Paris Vacation" which is a story about an American mother and her two grown-up daughters.View the trailer at  The film will be shown in six installments on the web beginning in October. In addition, Alexis is planning to publish an e-book anthology of stories about mothers, daughters, and sisters to be released about the same time.

Is it any wonder that I have great admiration for my friend, Alexis Nikki?

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